10 Amazingly Easy Nail Polish Art Projects 

If you’re like me, doing your nails can often be its own form of mindfulness – I often post pictures of my nail art or makeup looks to FB and Instagram, because I consider it just as much of a craft project as making a bracelet or knitting a hat. This kind is even better though, because it’s fleeting, and if you mess up you can fix it easily without panic.

Nail Art Blue and Gold
You can see from these pics that it’s not perfect – but I felt better after doing it!
Nail Art Green & White
I went through a “half moon” phase when I was just starting
Nail Art Purple
You can add glitter or gems – anything with glitter is automatically good for you
New Years Nail Art
As I got better I experimented
Favorite Nail Art
Always do an accent nail!
It’s obvious I’m not the most talented at this, but that doesn’t make it any less satisfying

But there are more uses for nail polish than just nails – it’s one of those DIY multitaskers that is a godsend, especially for those of us who already own more than a few (hundred) bottles. Because unlike art journos, some of these polish DIY crafts are more like meditation, and don’t require tons of creative energy. But you’re still creating and expressing yourself, so these can be a good starting point for people who aren’t used to the whole craft/DIY scene.

    1. Marble Mugs
    2. Gilded Agate Coastersimg_3392
    3. Polka dotted IPhone Case
    4. Mini Nailpolish Bottle Vases
    5. Nail polish Glitter Barettes
    6. Marbled Flowerpots
    7. Washer Necklaces
    8. Nail polish Gemstonesimg_3402
    9. Nail polish Sunglassesimg_3402
    10. Painted Feathers

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