Room Redesign – for free!

So I can’t even explain how plain and lifeless my room was until I decided to do something about it – I had a ton of art and collections of antiques that I hadn’t brought up, and I decided that a major element my mental health was to live in an inspiring environment filled with art and beautiful objects. So I went on Pinterest and found some fun ways to hang prints, and I dragged one of my Mom’s old quilts and a bunch of gorgeous ethnic fabrics from the attic and got to work.

Look at this adorable way to hang photos!

I used a lot of color and texture to make my room very much me.
Color and life and pattern everywhere!
I collect old perfume bottles – they make a lovely display, along with a vintage tobacco tin with gorgeous typography!
I tried a Pinterest inspired geometric vinyl tape decoration over my bed to make a bold graphic statement.
My bedside table is the perfect place to display my collection of apothecary bottles and postcards from art shows and loved ones. I used a metal grating and washi tape to hang them!

And there you have it! A room redesign that cost me nothing. It’s a little crazy and over the top, but so am I, so I’m happy with it!


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