A sketch a day: succulents 

So for the new year I’ve really tried to amp up my daily quiet moments of creativity. It’s  just a necessity for my self care at this point – a break from stress and sickness to bring something new and (hopefully) beautiful into the world. This particular challenge was inspired by one of my professors at the SMFA, who had an old trash-picked chair that he drew every day for a year – what an  awesome way to play with mark making and your personal illustrative style. I’m changing it up a bit – drawing the same kind of thing every day for a month, and then switching to something else. This month I’m drawing succulents, which are beautiful and strong little plants that make excellent home decor as well as infinite opportunities for sketching. Here are my first two, and I’ll post more as the month goes on. This could be a great challenge for anyone out there coping with stress, mental illness, and chronic diseases –  I have all three, and it’s doing wonders for me!

It also allows me to play with styles and different types of supplies. So far I’ve used watercolor, markers, and ink. Next is gonna be colored pencils and gouache, which I’m psyched for, because I’ve never tried using those before but I love their look!


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