A sketch a day: succulents 

So for the new year I’ve really tried to amp up my daily quiet moments of creativity. It’s  just a necessity for my self care at this point – a break from stress and sickness to bring something new and (hopefully) beautiful into the world. This particular challenge was inspired by one of my professors […]

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On Mindfulness, DBT, and love

Sometimes when things get really bad in my head, I get intrusive negative thoughts. It’s not like hearing voices, it’s my own voice, droning on incessantly about how ugly I am, what a disappointment I am to everyone who knows me, and, more often than not, those thoughts are concluded in one idea,  repeated over and over […]

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Make-up Meditation

I want to preface this post by saying that I recognize that some women have no desire to wear makeup, and that’s their choice to make – I personally choose to wear it to boost my confidence and as a form of creative expression, but if you’re not interested I sure as hell won’t judge […]

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Using personal style as a tool

The phrase “fake it until you make it” may make you want to bash your head against a wall, but an essential part of self care is feeling comfortable in your own skin, and sometimes that means manicures or makeup (more on that later), but sometimes it just means wearing clothes that make you happy, […]

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Art Journals are one of the easiest and best ways to express your feelings and experiences in a fun, cheap project that can be immensely satisfying and visually stunning. If you lack the budget to take on one of the more costly craft hobbies, all you need for an art journal is an empty notebook, […]

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