A sketch a day: succulents 

So for the new year I’ve really tried to amp up my daily quiet moments of creativity. It’s  just a necessity for my self care at this point – a break from stress and sickness to bring something new and (hopefully) beautiful into the world. This particular challenge was inspired by one of my professors […]

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Room Redesign – for free!

So I can’t even explain how plain and lifeless my room was until I decided to do something about it – I had a ton of art and collections of antiques that I hadn’t brought up, and I decided that a major element my mental health was to live in an inspiring environment filled with […]

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On Mindfulness, DBT, and love

Sometimes when things get really bad in my head, I get intrusive negative thoughts. It’s not like hearing voices, it’s my own voice, droning on incessantly about how ugly I am, what a disappointment I am to everyone who knows me, and, more often than not, those thoughts are concluded in one idea,  repeated over and over […]

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Make-up Meditation

I want to preface this post by saying that I recognize that some women have no desire to wear makeup, and that’s their choice to make – I personally choose to wear it to boost my confidence and as a form of creative expression, but if you’re not interested I sure as hell won’t judge […]

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